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Bachelor Pads

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Bachelor pads are notoriously stereotyped as messy, poorly taken care of places with clothes carelessly strewn about floors and with refrigerators populated with stale food. These places are portrayed to be occupied with men with a hedonistic approach to life that's all about having fun and very little to do with life's mundane chores which often disgusts women related to or involved with them. Okay, if the last part alarmed you a bit, this post is for those men out there who definitely want to make a difference or at least go down trying!

Here are a few tips and images to help you out:

1. Get it into your subconscious that it is ‘uncool' to be messy. Having said that it never was a turn-on to anybody, anyway.

2. You probably already own everything you need. Everything just needs to be in the right place and in order.

3. If you make your bed each morning you already are in a very elite minority! Not only will it make your room look clean, but it will help you develop skill sets that will be noticed elsewhere. (Hint! Hint!)

4. Have a process for everything. The last time we checked they were not yet smart enough to invent clothes that washed, organized or ironed themselves. So YOU need to take care of the laundry logistics.

5. Take pride in being known as someone prepared for anything. Keep an overnight kit for guests such as packaged toothbrush and extra towels. You never know when this might come in handy.

6. Now for some designer touches for those willing to spend a bit for the look:

i. Framed black and white prints on your walls.
ii. Big sofa, big TV, speakers (Entertainments spaces generally have high priority)
iii. Games, gym items and gadgets!

  • Bachelor Pads_image Click image to enlarge
  • Bachelor Pads_image Click image to enlarge

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