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Bathroom sinks that make an artistic statement ...

Bathroom sinks that make an artistic statement ..._image Click image to enlarge
If you're looking for a statement sink, a conversation starter design for your powder room, a guest bathroom or a master bathroom then this fine selection of beautiful bathroom sinks is for you. We've carefully singled out these 10 artistic sinks as the most modern and elegant designs available on the market today. The purpose of this article is to show you what is available in today's modern bathroom sinks. It's up to you to contact manufacturers for details on where to purchase the items mentioned.

Swan Vessel Sinks by Amin Design

This most adorable Swan sink by Amin Design is another favorite of ours. Designed to complement a waterfall faucet, this is one of the designs out there that leaves nothing to imperfections or to desire more. Art and function, uniqueness and high-tech are some of the characteristics of this design. Install it as a pair to make a beautiful addition to your luxury master bathroom, or as an intriguing centerpiece in your powder room. Check out these vessel sinks at Amin Design.

Countertop Sink by Kohler - Vessels Leaf Lavatory

A very unusual shape of this countertop sink from Kohler is very inviting as well, you want to put your arms inside of it and wash your hands. Of course, the bronze finish faucet plays a major role in this modern installation - it's very aesthetically pleasing with white. The ergonomically shaped sink Leaf is made of vitreous china and features "distinctive turned-up edges that resemble a leaf's natural curves". An easy fit in any modern bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Sinks by Bandini

Bandini's modern sculptural sinks are true bathroom art, reminding us what artistic gems today's bathroom technology has to offer. In combination with Gessi's ceiling-mount faucets it is the most unusual bathroom installation we've seen. As Trendir.com describes it ... "The Ocean series of modern sinks from Bandini are like interactive bathroom art for the user to explore. So sculptural, yet entirely functional, the eye-catching organic forms bring to mind the soothing motion of ocean waves ... As shown, the faucets descending from the ceiling highlight the unusual formation." Combining four basins to make a washing area suitable for up to four simultaneous users makes it a truly fascinating arrangement.

Sinks by Kanera with Organic Forms

Another intriguing design, this fantastic sink is elegant and practical, and is the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom! As Trendir.com describes it, "the irregular shapes have an organic charm, reminiscent of an ever-changing glacier. Rendered in cool white porcelain, the sinks have a calming effect on the user. Kanera 1Dis suitable for two faucets, both utilising the same dipped space. The Kanera 1D sinks look fabulous as water gushes over their perfect finishes ..."

Beautiful Abisko Sink by Eumar

Now, here's something you haven't seen before ... a breathtaking sculpture in glacial white, imitating naturally cascading waterfall. No pipes, no drain. Abisko sink creates a soothing sound effect, just like the waterfall, with the falling water disappearing right into the floor. Beautiful and brilliant idea, Abisko Washbasin fromEumar is a totally new concept for our modern lifestyle.

Spoon Sink by Philip Watts Design

The latest from Philip Watts Design, Spoon Sink is our favorite design. Simple and elegant, it is a definite statement piece for a guest bathroom or a powder room that will set the modern tone for your home decor. Just ask your guests if they need to use a bathroom, and the conversation will follow. An unexpected design for a pedestal sink, Spoon will charm you. To complement the sink, consider Spoon Urinal as well - seen on the background on the image below. Buy it from Philip Watts Design.

  • Bathroom sinks that make an artistic statement ..._image Click image to enlarge
  • Bathroom sinks that make an artistic statement ..._image Click image to enlarge
  • Bathroom sinks that make an artistic statement ..._image Click image to enlarge
  • Bathroom sinks that make an artistic statement ..._image Click image to enlarge
  • Bathroom sinks that make an artistic statement ..._image Click image to enlarge

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