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Bring Red into your Home and Bring Excitement

Bring Red into your Home and Bring Excitement_image Click image to enlarge
Red in your home may be what is needed to enliven it a bit! Whether it's to add a vibrant atmosphere or it is to liven up a rather dull décor, red can do all of this and more! Red can be played up as the main focal point of the room, or it can be used in bursts of accent color in a subdued room. Whichever is your choice, red can bring about a playful energy that may be missing from your home. Look at these suggestions for bringing red into your décor.

Knowing the limits of red:
When used as an accent wall, red can be eye catching, but it can also be overbearing to the inhabitants. If you choose to use red as an entire wall, consider using a deeper tone of red. Burgundy, Bordeaux, currant red, and other deeper reds are easier to absorb than a fire engine red, or Corvette red! If you do like the saturated bright red, try to tone down the furnishings with neutrals in whites and blacks. This will help the eye not get distracted in several areas of the room.

Make a statement:
Have a room that has a lot of colors but not sure which one to make a focal point? Red! In rooms like home libraries, entertainment rooms, and home theaters, bring red into the décor to make a statement. These rooms are for entertaining, lounging, or finding a good book to sink into. One red chair, a desk, or just a lamp can pull the entire room together with just that one piece of furniture.

Use red in accents around your home:
If you like to add whimsy in one room and sophistication in another, consider using red accessories to compliment your decor. A red area carpet in a pale neutral room makes a beautiful conversational piece, without the room being overpowered by the color. A piece of artwork that has bold amounts of red can make the room feel daring, without ‘offending' the other furniture and its inhabitants.

Kids love red:
As one of the three main primary colors, red goes beautifully in your child's room. From furniture, and bedding to decorative murals and paint, red can be a predominant color, or just used for playful pieces. Red is a common color used in children daycare centers to spark imagination and energy. Red could also be used in your child's playroom or entertaining space.

Use red in dining rooms:
Have you ever heard the color red makes people hungry? It's true; this is why many restaurants incorporate it into their décor in some way or another. At home the entire room doesn't have to be red, shots of red in furniture, décor and table settings is enough and subtle. Use red in a formal dining room where you plan on entertaining, it will make your guests more engaged in conversation and ready for the meal to be served. Red in the dining room can serve as a welcomed invitation for hospitality, without you having to say a word!

In any style of décor, red finds a place beautifully. From subtle accessories to accent walls, use red to enliven your home and bring energy to its inhabitants. When shopping for red, bring swatches of your current décor colors to the store, or bring several red swatches home. This will help you decide how much saturation will work with your home, and not run your family in the other direction! If you decide to paint an accent wall red, remember to use a good primer to ensure good coverage and less coats of paint. Be creative, red loves imagination!

  • Bring Red into your Home and Bring Excitement_image Click image to enlarge
  • Bring Red into your Home and Bring Excitement_image Click image to enlarge

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