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Contemporary Bathrooms

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The latest buzz in the world of interiors is contemporary bathroom design ideas. Contemporary theme, which was earlier limited to the living room and bed rooms, is now being carried to the bathroom as well.Truly, contemporary design by Italian company Cerasa has its own unique aura, and it is very hard to achieve the same feel and style by use of other styles of designs. The clean, fresh and sleek line of contemporary design simply makes the room welcoming and warm.

Straight and simple silhouettes – Cotemporary design always deals with straight and simple silhouettes. So a contemporary bathroom needs to feature straight, clean and neat line. Whether it is the bathroom cabinets, the bath fittings or the bathroom vanity, the silhouettes have to be minimalistic, uncomplicated and simple.

Lighting – The essence of a contemporary bathroom design can be easily highlighted through the proper use of lighting. The lighting in a bathroom following contemporary theme should be bright. This is because bright and crispy lights simply give way to sleek and fresh look. If dimmer light is a must in your bathroom, then you may consider installing accent lights on the wall. Alternatively, get the bathroom designed in such a way that the lighting is focused away from shower area and the tub.

Bath fixtures – Bath fixtures and fittings is known to play a crucial role in the contemporary theme.  One piece toilets, simple and sleek shaped tubs, and other bathing accessories and fixtures in combination of materials, featuring metallic finish and in subtle and warm shades are some popular elements of contemporary design.

Color scheme – the ideal color scheme for a contemporary bathroom should be a blend of neutrals as well as bold colors. To create a spa like feel, choose colors like bright ivory, aqua and silver. White and black color palette with splashes of bright color such as lemon yellow, hot pink, grass green is also a common color scheme in contemporary design bathrooms.   Some other color options you may select are – grey, white, red and black; ivory, tan and chocolate brown; yellow, red, ivory and purple.

Decorations – Decoration to be used in a contemporary design bathroom should be very minimal. In addition, it should also be in alignment with the color scheme. Also ensure that decorative items are in single color and material.

Modern design makes our life become beautiful and full of accomplishments.These contemporary bathroom designs are spotted also on other home design sites.

  • Contemporary Bathrooms _image Click image to enlarge
  • Contemporary Bathrooms _image Click image to enlarge
  • Contemporary Bathrooms _image Click image to enlarge
  • Contemporary Bathrooms _image Click image to enlarge
  • Contemporary Bathrooms _image Click image to enlarge

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