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Hollandia International and Therapedic Come Together to Create iLight Beds

Hollandia International and Therapedic Come Together to Create iLight Beds_image Click image to enlarge
Hollandia International, the luxury sleep systems designers and the American mattress makers Therapedic have done some innovative and interesting work together. They have joined hands once again to create a new concept in bedding – the iLight Bed. The concept itself is innovative and the result is unique to say the least. The iLight Bed boasts a color-changing LED light system built right into its headboard. It also has docking stations for iPads, iPhones and iPods. Apart from speakers the headboard has two adjustable arms.

The headboard has an upholstered curved design that is available in 3,000 elegant colors and fabrics. The iLight can change color from green, red blue and white. The bed has the best in technology and comfort materials and the light features make it a first for the bedding industry.

Hollandia has always worked on the philosophy, “Let's Stay in Bed". In fact this philosophy has helped them build a very large business. Their attempt has always been to bring the fun element into the bedroom and this design has really been successful in achieving that. The colors and lights will enliven any bedroom.

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