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How Gold can Brighten up your Home

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Out of all of the metals in the world, gold is symbolized with wealth and glamour. From homes of the wealthy in historical times, to modern day prestige and richness, gold will transcend time. The beauty of gold is it's availability today to whoever wants a touch of glitz and sophistication in their interiors. With paint finishes, gold tone metals and faux gold finish techniques, your home can be brightened with the use of gold. Here are a few ways to make your interiors shine.

Metal paneling has many uses:
Gold can be represented in metal paneling throughout your home. Use vertical metal panels on accent walls, and to add reflection and brightness to a space. Depending on the finish you choose, use gold sparingly when using a high gloss. In larger spaces the use of satin or matte finished gold panels add glints of reflection, without be gaudy.

Accents of gold can make a statement:
Gold used in tile, accessories, and hammered finishes can take an ordinary room and make it come alive. Try mixing gold tones with bronze, copper and rose gold finishes. The interplay of gold tones with neutrals such as black and whites contrasts well and keeps your interiors visually appealing. Decide on a few tones of gold and surround the rest of your space with subtle and muted tones. This will help play up the accents of gold, without looking like a gold circus in your room!

Antiqued gold:
If you prefer to leave your gold tones for specific décor, consider using it in eye catching pieces like mirrors, or a side table with an antique gold finish. Instead of the high gloss shine of a traditional gold finish, antiqued gold has a burnished appeal and it looks classic paired with pastels and soft hues. Furniture, tables, and accessories that use antiqued gold can be found at antique, vintage and occasionally at estate sales. Once you find a piece, you'll love how it becomes the stunner piece of your space.

Let in the light:
Due to the reflective nature of gold and metallic finishes, light can only enhance interiors that feature light. Whether using natural or artificial light to bring out golden hues, ensure proper light enters your space. At night time be mindful of glass tables, and gold reflective surfaces with lamps and direct lighting. Prevent glare with diffused lighting and be mindful of placement of table and reading lamps. Start off small in your use of too many ultra shiny surfaces, and your interiors will look gorgeous.

Brightening your home with the use of gold tones can add character and style to a space in your home that was unexpected. Although we always think of gold as being a big and bold use of color, remember you can tone down the quantity and the saturation of how much is used. For inspiration ideas visit designer online sites and blogs to see how they have used gold tastefully. Eclectic mixes of metals and finishes can add a boost of excitement. Try pairing a wood floor with an area rug that has pops of gold, you will love it!

  • How Gold can Brighten up your Home_image Click image to enlarge
  • How Gold can Brighten up your Home_image Click image to enlarge

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