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How to Choose a Relaxing Bathtub for your Home

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Whether you are trying to take a break from it all or you have aching muscles, there is nothing more relaxing than a great bathtub. For years the bathtub has symbolized a place for relaxation and renewal. Although, the perfect bathtub may not be for every person and thought should be put towards the one you choose, if you have the option. From deep soaker bathtubs to jetted spa-like tubs, here are some tips for choosing a relaxing bathtub for your home.

Determine a budget:
Bathtubs can come in simple models that are standard size, and they can go to the top of the line automatic jetted, color lights and relaxing music options! Determine your budget on the front end before getting hooked on a model and size that doesn't match your wallet. Try shopping at home improvement stores to get ideas on prices, or if you have a certain manufacturer in mind, visit their website or local showroom.

Assess how much space you have:
Like other areas in your home, the amount of space you have for a bathtub will dramatically affect what type of tub you can fit. For limited space areas, opt for tubs that are deeper, so you can maximize the amount of water you can fit in the tub. If you have a corner space, consider tubs that have a 90 degree angle, so your tub can fit into the space. Tubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, there is one perfect for your home.

How many people should it seat:
Years ago, a bathtub was meant to hold one person and that was it. Today, bathtubs can hold one person, all the way up to 4-6 in hot tub models that some people use as relaxation, and others use as bathtubs! Many modern bathtubs can accommodate two people and a ‘deck' or raised area can be built around the tub. This provides a platform area to access the tub, and place towels and toiletries on. Separate controls are available as well as separate faucets for each person.

Shower and bathtub combinations:
If you have a large space, than opting for a separate shower and bathtub may be ideal. While if your space is at a minimum, combining the two would be better. This doesn't mean you have to be stuck with dull and boring ones. Many manufacturers have found modern ways to incorporate them together and still look beautiful.

Raised basin bathtubs:
For those that prefer drama and decorative styling in the bathroom, opt for a raised tub. Claw feet tubs, so called because the tub sits on feet that can resemble animal claws, are gorgeous and dramatic. Raised basin bathtubs look best in bathrooms that have plenty of space around them. If choosing this type of tub, consider the safety of getting in and out of the tub. Often time's people will use a step stool to get in and out, especially if young children will utilize the tub as well.

The bathtub can be the star of your bathroom with careful planning beforehand. Consider the tips above to suit your lifestyle, budget and space restrictions. Also consider how much time you take in a bathtub, for many busy lifestyles, bathtubs aren't utilized and become more of a permanent visual fixture than an actual used component in the bathroom. However you choose to utilize your bathtub, relax and enjoy this piece of heaven in your bathroom.

  • How to Choose a Relaxing Bathtub for your Home_image Click image to enlarge
  • How to Choose a Relaxing Bathtub for your Home_image Click image to enlarge

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