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How to Dramatically Change your Ceiling Color

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When you think of giving your space a new look with color, do you only think of the walls? Remember, your ceiling covers your entire space and with the addition of color, can dramatically transform your room. By coloring your ceiling, an illusion of higher or shorter walls can be perceived. This is perfect for rooms that are too large and feel impersonal, or for small rooms that need to feel enlarged. Here are tips for dramatically changing your interiors with ceiling color.

Assess your space and the current ceiling:
Your room and ceiling can fall into several categories. Whether your space is small, large, or has vaulted/sloped ceilings will dictate how to decide on color. Many fear that changing the ceiling color will have a negative aesthetic. First determine what colors are already in your furniture, décor, and walls. Then move into how you want to feel in the space. For drama, darker colors will draw the eye upwards, and lighter colors will let the eye wander around the space first.

Define your space with color:
For rooms that have varying ceiling heights, or for open space floor plans, defining the ceiling with color can give a visual separation without the walls. Great rooms that have a kitchen, dining and living room space could use color to define the kitchen and leave the dining and living space as one ceiling color. Try using varying shades of the same color with varying height ceilings for visual appeal.

A neutral palette with color:
It may sound like an oxymoron, but a neutral palette room can also offer a burst of color! Try using neutral color shades, such as whites, beiges, and mushroom colored grays throughout furniture, walls, and flooring. Choose a strong color that works beautifully in your space and use it for the ceiling color. This burst of color will set the tone for the entire space, without it feeling overwhelming with color. If you'd like to bring the color into your accessories, use throw pillows, accessories and wall art to infuse the ceiling color into the space as well.

Be creative:
Your ceilings are an opportune location to bring in creativity and uniqueness. From painting murals and abstract images, to kid's rooms that have fluffy cloud skies, your ceiling is a blank canvas, ready to be explored. Choose a theme of colors that naturally flow with the rest of the room décor and sample small sections of the ceiling before painting the entire space. If you need inspiration, consider hiring a muralist or interior painter with experience in painting theme inspired ceilings.

Your ceilings are waiting for color and exploration. From dramatic deep hues to playful and whimsical themes, a ceiling color can transform a space without little expense. For additional visual interest consider using architectural details such as soffits, niches, and recessed cove lighting to change a flat ceiling into a three dimensional focal point. Who knew that your room could change by adding color, and focusing your eye upwards? Ceiling color is often forgotten, try it out in your home and see how it feels.

  • How to Dramatically Change your Ceiling Color_image Click image to enlarge
  • How to Dramatically Change your Ceiling Color_image Click image to enlarge

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