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How to Organize a Kid’s Playroom

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A designated space in your home that kids can call their own is the ultimate enjoyment for a playroom. From the toys, to the unlimited supply of interactive games and supplies, the playroom is a sanctuary for kids! The question becomes for the parents – Is it a complete nightmare cleaning and organizing the playroom? If you answered yes, you're not alone. Parent's often neglect the playroom for organization in fear that it won't last because of the nature of the room. Read on to see how organization will help your kids find things, and clean up time will actually work!

Get rid of old/unused items:
Whether the items are too old, no longer age appropriate, or you don't have enough space anymore, assess your kid's belongings. For broken toys throw away or get repaired. For other toys and belongings give away to charity, donate or sell. Once your playroom is only filled with belongings they use, organizing will be simpler.

Make ‘zones' for the playroom:
To organize the playroom, ensure there are areas set up for separate type of play. Depending on the size of your playroom you can assign as many areas as you'd like. The minimum amount should be these 3 areas: 1.) Open floor space area 2.) Quiet area 3.) Noisy area. Each area will house its own functions and organization.

Open floor space area:
Give kids an area where they can spread out toys, roll around and have fun. Place an area carpet in this area and house larger toys adjacent in a closet where there is easy access. The larger the room, the larger this area should be.

Quiet area:
This area can consist of a small table, chairs adjacent to bookshelves, puzzles and other ‘quiet' time activities. Quiet areas should have an area for coloring, craft projects or other activities that requires children to sit down.

Noisy area:
This area can be adjacent to the open floor space area. Small push toys and noisy activities should have toy bins close by in which kids can access on their own. Organize activity area per the age of your child.

Match décor to make organizing fun:
Kids love a routine and will respond to putting away toys and belongings when the environment is fun and colorful. Consider buying character or sports themed organization bins, furniture and decor. Coordinate matching colors to area rugs and window treatments to pull the play area together beautifully. If your child has a lot of display items, like collectibles, trophies, and awards consider adding shelving to walls of their playroom. A playroom can share a bedroom, and keep the same functionality as a separate playroom.

Teach kids to clean up when finished playing:
If parents always clean up the playroom, kids will never learn to do it on their own. Ensure storage areas are at accessible heights for your children and that kids see there is a place for everything. Walk through the routine with them of where books belong on the bookshelf and not the toy bin, etc… Your child will be learning and keeping their area tidy at the same time!

Who says the playroom has to always be messy!? Playrooms are a place for creativity, fun and growth. Your child will learn better in an organized but free access environment. The sky is the limit when it comes to laying out a playroom. Depending on the activities your child enjoys and the size of the room let your organizing imagination run wild!

  • How to Organize a Kid’s Playroom_image Click image to enlarge
  • How to Organize a Kid’s Playroom_image Click image to enlarge

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