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How to Organize your Home Office for the New Year

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After a year of home businesses, end of the year accounting, and holiday budgeting, your home office needs to get a whole new face lift for the New Year. Depending on what you use your home office for will dictate how much you have to purge, decipher and organize for the New Year. Believe it or not, the more organized you are at the beginning of the year will set the stage for the remainder of the year! Here are tips to organize your home office for the New Year.

Understand where you stand:
Put simply, understand the state that your home office is in currently, and determine what you would like it to turn into. For some, clearing out old clutter, papers and files may be in order. For others a true organization system, whether it is file folders, electronic software, or smart phone applications, choose which may be more suited for you. Once you have done this you will be ready to organize!

Organize small and move bigger:
Throughout the year, we all have little pet peeves that didn't work in your home office. If you have to get up from your desk every time the phone rings, or if your computer monitor location is prohibiting you from being productive. Start small, and work on these items one at a time. On a larger scale, opt for visual organization such as bulletin boards, dry erase boards, and even paint a wall with chalkboard or Idea paint to help see your organized life in front of you.

Beautify your home office:
Whether you are a work-at-home professional or you use your home office for surfing the internet. Your home office should be a place that you enjoy staying in and being productive in. Look through home décor magazines or online publications for inspiration. Try a bold new color on the walls to spark creativity or bring in an office chair that allows you to be comfortable as you pine away the hours at your desk. New matching desk accessories or just a new calendar can start the New Year off right in your home office.

Take on a new ritual:
If last year you decided to start using electronic calendars instead of hundreds of sticky note reminders, take on a new lifestyle ritual for the New Year. If your life is busier and busier and you don't have time to check in at the home office, try using a smart phone for organization at your finger tips. If you have challenges in organizing, consider using services that can help. Many online services can organize your receipts, keep track of your electronic files, and assist you in uncluttering your old ways and taking on new ones!

The New Year is about learning from the last year and changing your life for the better. If your home office is in need of organizing and beautifying, use these easy tips to get you on the right track. If the job seems daunting, ask a friend to help you sort out objectively, without feeling guilty at the end of your purge. If you have a home business or a portion of your life too big for your home office, consider hiring an organizing professional that can help you start from scratch and get organized for you to be your best!

  • How to Organize your Home Office for the New Year_image Click image to enlarge
  • How to Organize your Home Office for the New Year_image Click image to enlarge

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