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How to Use Mirrors to Decorate your Home

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Mirrors are a decorative item that never gets enough fanfare. They can be used as a finish material on walls, and as a cladding on furniture. Hung over fireplaces and placed in frames, mirrors can transform a room from small to roomy in an instant. Mirrors are extremely versatile in that they can represent any décor style, and can also be used in feng shui to channel energy! Your home can benefit from the use of mirrors, and here are some simple uses.

Make a room feel larger: In small rooms and especially apartments, mirrors offer an inexpensive way to give the illusion of space. Place mirrors on a wall opposite of a window wall and see how the view is multiplied times ten throughout the rest of the space. Use mirrors in a small kitchen as a backsplash and suddenly you will enjoy cooking and spending more time in your kitchen.

Place a mirror over the fireplace: For most home's the fireplace is already the focal point of the room in which it resides. Add more emphasis to the fireplace by placing a beautifully framed mirror above the mantel. This will enlarge the room, and add a reflective surface to the décor you place on the mantle. From candle sticks to seasonal décor, a fireplace begs for a gorgeous mirror to adorn it.

Add interest to a long hallway: If your home has a long hallway, it's a welcomed opportunity to place mirror vignettes, ‘puzzle' piece mirrors, or groups of hanging mirrors on the side walls. This will help distract the eye when walking down the hallway, and will brighten up the darkness of the long corridor as well.

Brighten up your entry: Mirrors placed in a foyer or entryway is a welcomed sight for guests. They reflect light and open up a dark entry and give a place for guests to ‘check' themselves while entering your home. In a larger foyer, place a small table, flower arrangement, lamp and mirror on the wall to expand the living area into this welcomed space. Try adding a mirrored buffet or table to adjacent rooms to make the entry flow into another room seamlessly.

Bedroom full length mirrors can be fun: Full length mirrors can be a simple framed piece on a wall or you can have a bold statement as a piece of furniture. In home décor magazines, mirrors that sit on the floor, and are seven feet tall are a beautiful way to add emphasis to an empty corner of a bedroom. Use multiple frameless mirrors on a wall to give visual interest, as well as a dressing room effect in your room. The possibilities are endless, and bedrooms are all about self expression!

  • How to Use Mirrors to Decorate your Home_image Click image to enlarge
  • How to Use Mirrors to Decorate your Home_image Click image to enlarge

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