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How to use Rock to Enhance your Home Interiors

How to use Rock to Enhance your Home Interiors_image Click image to enlarge
Have you ever noticed that the materials that are originally from nature are the ones that make your home feel fabulous? Rock is one of those materials. Whether it is in the raw sense for a rustic fireplace or it has been polished smooth into beautiful accents around a master bath tub. Rock is one of the oldest home materials since the beginning of civilization and it remains a timeless classic for years to come. If you'd like to incorporate rock or natural stone into your interiors, here are suggestions.

Strong and natural finishes:
From ceiling to floors, rock and natural stone has an unbelievable quality about it that enables the environment to feel rustic, natural, yet refined. Depending on how rock is finished and what application you use it can change the aesthetic in your home. Consider using flagstone, boulders, and river rock for exterior walls and accents walls for visual interest and wow factor!

Rock relaxes the soul:
From upscale spas to modern urban lofts, rock and natural stone relaxes humans and is comforting to have in our environments. Reminiscent atmospheres of natural woods, streams, and river rock connect humans and nature organically. Bring in rock to your bathrooms in stone tile, backsplashes, and shower enclosures to wrap rock and natural stone around your space. Even bathtubs and sink vessels that sit atop a vanity counter can be carved from rock for a completely spa inspired aesthetic.

Stately elegance:
While rock can symbolize a natural environment, it also embodies stately and royalty too. From medieval castles to modern minimalistic architecture, rock can also be used in brick format to bring an organized and massive aesthetic to your interiors. Consider having your exterior and interior bearing walls made from natural stone bricks. From fireplaces and walls, to your floors, stone bricks can take a meek room to instant grandeur. Custom kitchen accents like fume hoods and backsplashes are another area to bring in rock, the possibilities are endless.

Transform your interiors with exterior details:
Do you love the interplay between exterior detailing and interiors details inside your home? Rock is the perfect material as it looks at home in both settings. Log cabins, ski resorts, and mountain homes are classic examples of where rock is welcomed inside. Transform a fireplace with a rock mantle, or use rock for the entire fireplace. Entry foyers that use rock as accent walls and artisan sculptures made from rock are also popular. Be creative, rock is one of the most durable natural materials there are, go for it!

Natural stone can be strong and commanding, or soothing and serene. Rock and natural stone is so versatile that it belongs in every decor. Your entire home can be made from it, or you can keep it in an isolate area such as the bathroom or the kitchen. Either way, try using rock in your home and see how the outdoors can be brought in, without you having to freeze out in nature to appreciate it!

  • How to use Rock to Enhance your Home Interiors_image Click image to enlarge
  • How to use Rock to Enhance your Home Interiors_image Click image to enlarge

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