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Relaxing Bath Tubs

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Bath tubs have always represented a place where you can relax and get out fresh again although the main idea is to get out clean.Nowadays technology shows us that taking a bath in a multifunctional bath tub for example, can become a wonderful experience, not just a usual bath.Here you can draw your own conclusions, watching these wonderful, relaxant bath tubs.

Shoe Bath Tub - If you love extravagance and shocking things then you will love this collection of mosaic bath tubs shaped like a woman’s high heel.These bath tubs imitate the shape of a shoe and have a bright design. Your bathroom will definitely become elegant and sparkling by choosing one of these shoe bath tubs.

The Thalasson Baleina Whirlpool Bath Tub - Although it looks strange this Baleina bath tub is a nice combination of the idea of water and the aquatic world.You can imagine yourself that you are a huge “baleina” and you explore the mysteries of the agitated sea. This shape of bath tub fills you with dynamism.

Huge Stone Bath Tub - If you refer to comfort while you are taking a bath, this means a spacey bath tub. Usually, people love to relax in a huge bathtub if it is possible.This huge stone bath tub is perfect for those who love spacey bath tubs. The only thing which they should think about is where they can put this huge bath tub.

Hikki Bath Tub - It is a nice, relaxant bath tub which you can put anywhere you like to. It is an outdoor bath tub which makes you feel a free spirit and who can enjoy also the beauties of nature while you are taking a nice bath.

Odd Expensive Bath Tub by Tetsuya Nakamura- Although it looks odd, it is just a bath tub. It has an interesting shape and its colorful design makes you think of a strange world. You cannot guess what does represent.Although it is made of reinforced plastic it seems to be an appreciated and expensive bath tub.

Modern Bath Tub by Kos of Italy - This modern bath combines the idea of a comfortable bath with the special atmosphere created by the obscure, colored light inside the bathroom. It creates a nice ambience which offers you peaceful moments while you are taking a relaxing hot bath.

No matter what is the model you choose for your bathroom the most important of all is that you can relax and you can get out a new, fresh man!

  • Relaxing Bath Tubs_image Click image to enlarge
  • Relaxing Bath Tubs_image Click image to enlarge
  • Relaxing Bath Tubs_image Click image to enlarge
  • Relaxing Bath Tubs_image Click image to enlarge
  • Relaxing Bath Tubs_image Click image to enlarge

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