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Q. What is FindMeFurniture?

FindMeFurniture is a search engine, that focuses on the furniture market. Its business model is very similar to Google or Yahoo, however it is completely geared to serving searches for products and understanding that domain.

Q. Does it cost anything to list products on FindMeFurniture?

No. We are happy to say that it is completely free to list your products on FindMeFurniture.

Q. Will FindMeFurniture be free forever?

Yes, we are happy to say that we do not charge companies to list their products on FindMeFurniture.

Q. How does FindMeFurniture make money?

We can afford to provide free listings because we have a very different business model to the other portals. We make our money in various ways including offering premium services for companies (such as FindMeFurniture SilverFindMeFurniture Gold and FindMeFurniture Platinum), building technology solutions, CPM and CPC advertising and email marketing.

Q. How do I list my products on FindMeFurniture?

It’s very simple, all you need to do is sign-up for an FindMeFurniture account. This is completely free and you can do that here. Your FindMeFurniture account will allow you to list all your products (via either datafeed, crawling or manual upload) and access our support team.

Q. How can I get more traffic from FindMeFurniture?

If you want to maximise the amount of traffic FindMeFurniture sends to your website and increase your brand awareness in the key areas that matter to you, you should upgrade to FindMeFurniture Platinum status. FindMeFurniture Platinum companies get significantly more traffic than their non-Platinum companies. Find out more about FindMeFurniture Platinum here.

It's also worth noting that companies who include product photos and lengthy descriptions get more traffic than those who don't. Remember, FindMeFurniture offers clever keyword searching so if you're writing about a product make sure you include all of it's key features in the description.

Q. How many leads will FindMeFurniture generate for my business?

The amount of traffic you receive from FindMeFurniture will depend on various factors such as the number of products you have and in which categories. Companies who take the time to provide photos and write detailed descriptions will benefit from FindMeFurniture because of the way users search for products using keywords such as 'white chair', 'kitchen stools' and 'garden'. If you want to maximise the amount of leads and traffic FindMeFurniture sends you, upgrade to FindMeFurniture Platinum status.

Q. What is the benefit of FindMeFurniture to my business?

FindMeFurniture drives leads and highly targeted traffic to your own website for free.  If your products aren't listed on FindMeFurniture then sign up here.

Q. Does FindMeFurniture only work with larger companies?

Not at all, even if you only have one product on your books you can list with FindMeFurniture. FindMeFurniture aims to list all the furniture products in United Kingdom irrespective of the size of the company marketing them. FindMeFurniture is completely neutral and has no loyalties to any specific company. No matter what size company you are, you can promote your brand further and drive more traffic to your site by upgrading to FindMeFurniture Platinum.

Who is behind FindMeFurniture?

FindMeFurniture launched in 2010 in a commercial partnership with AlteaCasa.

Q. How can I provide my products to FindMeFurniture?

Firstly you need to register your company here. Once you have registered you will need to fill in a contact form which tells us how to get your products on the site. There are four options:

Option 1- Supply an Existing feed

* This is the preferred method for uploading products for many companies, we create an FTP account and you upload daily.
* As FindMeFurniture works by driving free traffic directly to your website, we require an extra field in the datafeed which includes product URLs. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, you can contact us at any time.

Option 2 - XML datafeed

* This is the best option for large companies.
  * In around 7 working days you can expect all of your listings to appear on FindMeFurniture.

Option 3 - Crawling your website

* As long as you have your own website with single product pages, we can crawl your website.
* In around 7 working days you can expect all of your products to appear on FindMeFurniture.

Option 4 – Manual Upload

* This option is available for companies who either do not have their own website.
  * The Manual Upload service is really simple to use and ensures that even companies without their own websites can promote their products on FindMeFurniture.
  * Only companies with less than 150 products are able to use the Manual Upload service.
If you have more than 150 products, we recommend you get in touch with one of our support team who will be happy to help you.