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How can I provide my products to FindMeFurniture?

Firstly you need to register your company here . Once you have registered you will need to fill in a contact form which tells us how to get your products on the site. There are four options:

Option 1- Supply an Existing feed

* This is the preferred method for uploading products for many companies, we create an FTP account and you upload daily.
* As FindMeFurniture works by driving free traffic directly to your website, we require an extra field in the datafeed which includes product URLs. Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, you can contact us at any time.

Option 2 - XML datafeed

* This is the best option for large companies.
  * In around 7 working days you can expect all of your listings to appear on FindMeFurniture.

Option 3 - Crawling your website

* As long as you have your own website with single product pages, we can crawl your website.
* In around 7 working days you can expect all of your products to appear on FindMeFurniture.

Option 4 – Manual Upload

* This option is available for companies who either do not have their own website.
  * The Manual Upload service is really simple to use and ensures that even companies without their own websites can promote their products on FindMeFurniture.
  * Only companies with less than 150 products are able to use the Manual Upload service.
If you have more than 150 products, we recommend you get in touch with one of our support team who will be happy to help you.