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Homepage > Search > Bedroom Furniture > Contemporary Wardrobe
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Contemporary Wardrobe
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Product Description

When investing in a wardrobe, anyone who knows anything about clothes care will tell you that you need a storage space that is made from natural materials to allow your clothes to breathe. The solid North American Light Oak used for our Contemporary Oak Wardrobe is not only practical for a wardrobe but the beautiful uniform colour of the oak will add timeless elegance to your home. The Contemporary Oak Wardrobe will be sturdy enough to accommodate your clothes without swaying and shaking every time you remove an item. The design of the Contemporary Oak Wardrobe is a happy marriage of sleek modern lines and classic elements, meaning it will not go out of style – even if your clothes do.

Material: Solid Oak throughout, all external panels are 1st grade, North American Light Oak

Finish: Clear polyurethane lacquer for a strong protective finish

Technical Specifications

Length: 55 cm

Width: 90 cm

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 82 kg

Material: oak




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Contemporary Wardrobe_main_image
Contemporary Wardrobe

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