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Ball Chair
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Product Description

The futuristic Ball Chair, also known as the Globe Chair, is unlike any seat ever created before. For starters, it's completely round, save the single pedestal leg it stands and rotates on and the area cut out to accommodate the person sitting in it.

When that person sits down, he or she is completely surrounded by the chair, which acts as a “room within a room", isolating them from the noises and distractions of the outside world. Aarnio even placed a telephone inside his original ball chair, should the sitter care to make a call.

-Fibreglass ball on a metal swivel base
-Cushions filled with foam / fibrefill
-Cushion colours available
-Striking and Fun design

Technical Specifications

Width: 120 cm

Height: 120 cm

Material: metal, fabric, plastic
Style: modern




Gunnersbury Avenue, London, W5 3NH

Tel. 07808725804

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Gunnersbury Avenue, London, W5 3NH

Tel. 07808725804

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Ball Chair_main_image
Ball Chair

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